Bob Foley Our family moved around a bunch until I was 8 when we settled in the East Bay Area, in Contra Costa County.  I started drum lessons then and guitar lessons at age 9 and got my first electric shortly thereafter, a ’57 Les Paul Jr.  When I was 10 we were watching Ed Sullivan on my sister’s birthday, Feb 9, ‘64 and got our first glimpse of the Beatles and music took on a new fun meaning.  I formed my first of several garage bands in ’65 and we played at backyard parties and school dances.  I got an Oakland Tribune paper route and met Mike Greene and Dave McCullough who were older and playing really well in their band whose house was on my route.  I was also really turned on by local guitarist Gary King.  I traded in my Les Paul (later kicked myself for this) and bought new gear with paper route money.  In college at UC Davis I used my spare time to practice and study jazz improvisation and moved to the Napa Valley in ’77 to begin a career in the wine industry.  The local music scene was very sleepy so I formed a new wave rock band The Primates who played Bay Area clubs and cut an album (vinyl) in ’84. Writing and messing around with recording kept me closer to home for several years when Mike Greene called me up and suggested it was about time we put a band together.  Mike Called up Dave and we began writing and rehearsing together.  In ’06 & ’07 the band toured around the US and will be heading out again in ’08 as the Robert Foley Band.  We’ve been joined on occasion by saxophone great Mark Rivera when our schedules allow.

Oh, and that ’57 Les Paul, my wife Kelly and I were on our way to a gig in the Bay Area and spotted it hanging up in a guitar shop last year.  She bought it back for me so it’s come home again!


Bob Foley Guitar and Vocals